Beneath The Surface

Mitch Johnson is convinced a girl is going to be murdered. But he has no idea who she is or when it will happen.

Mitch returns home, to the small seaside town of Morecambe, where he shares his fears with his lifelong friend, Rupert Watts. The friends turn detective and endeavour to find the girl before she comes to harm. But they must also contend with Don Hague, a senior councillor and central figure in the dark underbelly of the town who holds Mitch responsible for the ruin of his career. The police are watching Mitch, and they are also watching Don Hague.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Morecambe Bay, this fast-paced British detective novel is a twisting murder mystery that will keep you hooked until the explosive ending.

Will the powerful get away with their crimes? Or will justice catch up with them?

Previously published as The 24 hour Jazz Cafe but now rewritten and freshly edited, Beneath the Surface is the first novel in the Mitch and Rupert Mysteries series of crime thrillers.

‘A great story.’ Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer and Vine Voice
‘The story is compelling and keeps you guessing. A winner.’


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About me

Welcome along. This is the place to find out more about me and my books. 

I’m delighted to announce that I have signed a two book deal with Dark Edge Press. You can read more about it here. My first book with Dark Edge, I Remember You, will be out in early 2022. 

Originally I’m a Yorkshire boy (as of 1976 when I was born) but have lived in Lancashire since I was four. Specifically my parents moved to Morecambe, the seaside and to this day I still love looking at the sea. Morecambe tends to be the setting for my books.

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