The Trials of Marketing Myself

Afternoon all,

So, progress report. After several weeks of effort the website is looking marvellous. I’ve refreshed my friendship with Smashwords which, as most of you will know, means all my books are now available pretty much everywhere. I’m particularly pleased with the Apple iBooks and Barnes and Noble elements of this agreement. There is also a rather nice page with all my bio and book details.

To this end I’ve actually spent money on promotion. I’ve spent a few quid boosted posts on Facebook and significantly more on an advert. Why? Because I’ve decided to do a pre-order campaign with Apple and Barnes and Noble. The idea being that two of my books will be released in August. Hopefully pre-order sales will be so stunning my books will race up the charts. Does my sarcasm come across in the text?

As part of the rebranding I’ve got new logos for all my social media channels, professional covers on all my books and you can buy them from the Book Shop page on my website – there are fancy buttons which will take you to the store of your choice to buy the books.

The big question, has this led to an increase in book sales? No.

But I would qualify that with – not yet.

I’ve been in the Indie game long enough to know it requires constant effort and input. You stop promoting, people stop buying. But now my “brand” looks professional and is very accessible in terms of my books being on every platform and across more channels of social media. Plus, every element is linked. You can follow me on all channels direct from my website for example. But equally my Facebook page has a link to all channels too. As does my Twitter feed. I have it all on Goodreads too.

Theoretically being more visible will lead to more sales. Law of averages suggests it must because so far my books have only been available on Amazon. Now they are everywhere.

Time allowing I’ll post an update on the Facebook adverts. They seem to produce a decent amount of data on engagement, clicks etc so I can see what I got for my money against sales.

The biggest thing will be word of mouth though. So please spread the word and if you do read one of my books, on any format, leave a review!