Chatting with writers

Just a quick post to say what a great evening I’ve had. A friend of mine, the very talented writer Frion Farrell, invited me to talk to a group of writers at the creative writing school she runs – Platform One in Carnforth.

They meet in a room above a pub which is perfect for a creative group as things naturally gravitate downstairs to the bar. They are a mixed age range and also mixed in terms of their writing – poets, fiction, full length, novellas, bit of everything.

Frion asked me to chat about self-publishing since that’s what I do (when the day job allows). I rambled on for over an hour about my experiences and, after a quiet start, they soon warmed up and were firing questions at me and thinking about how they might market their books (when they’ve written them!)

I’m far from being an expert but it was great to chat with like minded people who share an enthusiasm for creating something out of nothing. I’ve no doubt they will go on to great things and Frion deserves recognition for leading the group and allowing these writers a platform to share their work, for their voices to be heard.

You can find them on Facebook by clicking the link. They also kindly allowed me to take a couple of photos to share.