Self-publishing with chums

Afternoon all. Been an age since my last post. An author friend of mine, super talented fantasy writer Frion Farrell, has been busy lately. She’s made the brave decision to publish her books through Kindle Direct Publishing. Previously Frion’s books were available by a more traditional route but, for various reasons, she felt it was time to try self-publication.

As readers of my books will know, I’m a big advocate of self-publication so I agreed to lend a hand to Frion. She was a bit anxious about the process and it wasn’t until I actually sat down with her that I realised how much I’d learned over the years. Things that are second nature to me are alien to somebody who has never had to think about pricing, where to sell, page layout, covers, keywords etc etc etc.

But our time was very productive. Because Frion quickly realised the huge benefits of self-publication. She now has complete control over her books. And if she wants to change any element of her books, she can do so every day if she feels like it. For no cost, aside from her time.

When I left, Frion was all set for an afternoon of checking the formatting ready for the publication of the Kindle version of her book. Once she’s published the first one, there are two more ready to go. She also plans to self-publish the paperback versions too. So expect a flurry of activity!

I’ve no doubt she’ll be very successful and it’s prompted me to make a bit more of an effort. I’ve got 2 novels written, I just haven’t got round to clicking “publish” yet. Watch this space!