Beneath The Surface

Mitch Johnson is convinced a girl is going to be murdered. But he has no idea who she is or when it will happen.

Mitch returns home, to the small seaside town of Morecambe, where he shares his fears with his lifelong friend, Rupert Watts. The friends turn detective and endeavour to find the girl before she comes to harm. But they must also contend with Don Hague, a senior councillor and central figure in the dark underbelly of the town who holds Mitch responsible for the ruin of his career. The police are watching Mitch, and they are also watching Don Hague.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Morecambe Bay, this fast-paced British detective novel is a twisting murder mystery that will keep you hooked until the explosive ending.
Will the powerful get away with their crimes? Or will justice catch up with them?

Previously published as The 24 hour Jazz Cafe but now rewritten and freshly edited, Beneath the Surface is the first novel in the Mitch and Rupert Mysteries series of crime thrillers.


“This book turned out to be a thoroughly stonking read! It started off pretty gently and then the story, action and indeed characters gradually built up to a pretty great crescendo which, along with the grand finale, left me almost breathless.
Like Mr Sinclair’s other books, the careful use of description, along with great characterisation, meant that I could “see” the action very clearly – another one for the screen maybe?
I hear a whisper that Mitch and Rupert may return. I for one hope so…”

I really enjoyed this well written thriller. Set in Morecambe, it examines the fictional underbelly of this seaside town in all it’s faded grandeur. (I hope it’s fictional!)
Mitch has a gift, although he sees it more of a curse: he sees things which happen in the future. He foresaw the death of a girl whilst he was at school and then endured years of scrutiny and misunderstanding. He now returns to Morecambe a successful businessman. He has invested into an hotel, planning to restore it to it’s former glory. He then encounters local politicians, who are involved in far more than local planning issues.
There are more murders and the novel hurtles towards its suspenseful and terrifying conclusion.
Highly recommended!”

I thought this was a very well written crime / thriller / mystery with a clear and direct style of writing that grabs your attention right from the start. The plot is completely plausible and moves along at a good pace with lots of action. The characterisation is excellent and you feel as though you are getting to know these people and you become completely drawn into their lives. The ending of the novel is cleverly written and works really well. Definitely a 5 star book and well worth reading.”

Thoroughly enjoyable read and highly recommended; it kept you guessing right the way through, and what a twist at the end!!”


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