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As you already know by now, I grew up in Morecambe, in the north west of England. Morecambe, and the surrounding area, are usually the setting for my books.

My upcoming crime thriller Beneath The Surface and it’s sequel use my iconic buildings in the town and my detective thriller The Trust is set in neighbouring Lancaster. My new, addictive suspense thriller, I Remember You is also set in a village near Morecambe.

I have an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University. I’d thoroughly recommend the course to anyone interested in writing as it’s great to be around like minded folk. I wrote my debut novel as part of the course. Playground Cool is a funny and heart-warming story about love and second chances. It’s also set in Manchester. The amazingly talented Sophie Hannah was one of my tutors. She was immensely supportive as I shaped my first book.

My favourite author is Stephen King and I maintain that when he’s on form he’s as good as anyone has ever been. Unfortunately, in my opinion, he is often sold short as merely a writer of horror stories. Still, he’s hardly struggling for readers. My favourite book is Catcher in the Rye although it’s not everyone’s idea of fun.

I’m also an keen supporter of Liverpool Football Club and I’m a bit obsessed with Roger Federer. I’m also, thanks in large to my dad, a big fan of The Rolling Stones.