All the Fun of the Fair

FunofFairMeet the residents of number 73 Westminster Road. Alfie Gorman, the suicidal Park Keeper battling depression, transvestite landlord Gerald Grimman and former showgirl Edith Hird.

Alfie is at the centre of the story.His childhood was shattered by the death of his older brother and he has spent his entire adult life travelling the seaside resorts of Britain, trying to recapture the happiness he felt during the holidays he spent there with his family.

All the fun of the Fair is a series of love stories. Broad in scope, encompassing family life across a host of characters, all linked via number 73, the park, Alfie, or the town itself. We follow them as they work through their various conflicts, each of them hoping for redemption and happiness.

In Happy Mount Park, where Alfie works, there is an ice cream van operated by Lee Etchman, a lothario with a beer belly and an obsession with his teenage assistant, Tania Streatham.

Lee’s older wife, the rich and glamorous Loriana Cipriani, is sick of his affairs. One evening, while walking on the promenade, she meets Alfie. They learn that they share Italian roots and strike up a friendship which offers hope to both of them.

You will begin the novel pitying Alfie but his sheer determination and will to keep getting up when life knocks him down will have you rooting for him, urging him to succeed in his quest to leave his dark past behind.


This is my first Jamie Sinclair book and I was mightily impressed. It begins by introducing us to a selection of dysfunctional characters, living lives on the edge of society – social misfits. Gradually as their stories unfold to us, their lives touch each other tangentially, coalesce in some cases, and I found myself fascinated. It is a difficult book to stop reading!

“I enjoyed the style, the dipping in and out of lives, the eventual realisation that many were interlinked. I also loved Jamie Sinclair’s use of vocabulary. We have so many nuances in our language – we are lucky and should use them. Each apparent synonym conveys a different shade of meaning and I love to see the language used more extensively. The denouement of the book is wonderful. I thoroughly recommend it.”

The author does an amazing job of inter-twining all the main characters to tell their individual stories. It is funny, sad and heart wrenching. This is a brilliant book and I am so glad I read it. Look forward to reading more by this author.”


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