Ballroom, Bars and Seawater Baths


BallroomIt is eighteen months since the Midland Hotel burned to the ground in the small town of Morecambe. Now the 24 Hour Jazz Cafe stands in its place.
Owner Mitch Johnson is missing, leaving his oldest friend and business partner Rupert Watts to run their new venture.
A woman’s purse is found by children playing on the beach. Then a man is brutally murdered in his bathroom. Newly promoted female detective DS Jane Harper must connect the pieces to find a killer.
But when Harper learns that the purse belonged to the wife of the murdered man, and that the missing woman has run away with Mitch, Harper begins to wonder if her psychic consulting detective might actually be the prime suspect.
This thrilling sequel to The 24 Hour Jazz Café pushes Mitch and Rupert to their very limits as they are exposed to a case far wider reaching than anything they have faced previously. Even detective Harper, usually in total control, is floundering as the clues lead nowhere and mistakes are made.
In the end, with Rupert in danger and a lack of options, it is a vengeful Mitch who is willing to risk everything to see justice done and push organized crime from their town.


“Like it’s precursor the ’24hr Jazz Cafe,’ this is a real treat for the’ SandGrown ‘uns ‘of the North West Coast of England and all those who know Morecambe Bay. There is great local flavour and once again iconic buildings are used as the backdrop for critical action- this time the Winter Gardens in Morecambe. The title of the novel is cleverly reflected in the plot- and it is a great title!
For those looking for a good detective story Mr Sinclair delivers a number of twists and turns carried in a neat and witty prose. I particularly enjoyed the development of the characters from the first book and the interplay between Mitch and Rupert. There are some poignant moments that add to what is essentially a fast moving and highly enjoyable read.”

“This story weaves gang rivalries and family feuds into a gripping plot. The main characters become real; Mitch the larger than life and slightly off-the-wall man affected by his childhood and his unusual abilities and Rupert, the man still grieving eighteen months after the death of his beloved Emily, the woman they both loved. A great sequel!”

“I enjoyed ‘Jazz Café’ and here we are again. Another good story and again the added interest of a local setting. I shall seek out more from Mr Sinclair.”



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