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Mitch Johnson is convinced a girl is going to be murdered. But he has no idea who she is or when it will happen.
In the small town of Lancaster, England, the site of a former mental asylum, Moorcastle, is being redeveloped. The discovery of a body leads to an investigation led by Detective Inspector Tom Ashton. By the end of day one, the police have uncovered a host of bodies leading to one of the biggest inquiries in the small town’s history and a media circus.
What would you do if you killed someone? What if it was a complete accident? What if you were only a teenager? What if you were with your three best friends when it happened? Would you confess? Would you run? Would you be able to live with yourself?
Ben Torrance is devastated when he learns his girlfriend has left him in the middle of the night following the latest in a series of arguments about having a baby. Driven by love and fuelled by desperation, he embarks on a mission to find her.
Meet the residents of number 73 Westminster Road. Alfie Gorman, the suicidal Park Keeper battling depression, transvestite landlord Gerald Grimman and former showgirl Edith Hird.