About Me

Originally, I’m a Yorkshire boy but have lived in Lancashire since I was four. Specifically, my parents moved to Morecambe, the seaside and to this day I still love looking at the sea. It’s something you’ll either ‘get’ or you won’t. But when my wife and I bought our first house, condition number one was it had to be near the sea.
I have an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University. I’d thoroughly recommend the course to anyone interested in writing as it’s great to be around like-minded folk. I also have a BA (Hons) in English and Urban Policy and a Post Grad Diploma in Management.
My favourite author is Stephen King and I maintain that when he’s on form he’s as good as anyone has ever been. My favourite book, though, is Catcher in the Rye.
I’m also an armchair sportsfan. I’m an avid supporter of Liverpool FC and a huge fan of Roger Federer.
I also enjoy an ale. And a gin – specifically Hendricks.
My first novel was Playground Cool, written as part of my MA. You can grab a free copy if you sign up to my mailing list.