The Trust: A Detective Inspector Ashton Novel

trustIn 1942, following experiments with Anthrax off the west coast of Scotland, a number of people on the mainland are infected and die. The bodies are taken away under cover of darkness.

Present day. In the small town of Lancaster the site of a former mental asylum, Moorcastle, is being redeveloped. The discovery of a body halts the work and leads to an investigation led by British Detective Inspector Tom Ashton and his boss DCI Klavan. By the end of day one, the police have uncovered a host of bodies leading to one of the biggest inquiries in the small town’s history and a media circus.

But the story quickly catches the attention of the Ministry of Defence and the bodies disappear, again under cover of darkness, with orders that the investigation be dropped prompting cries of a conspiracy.

Rhiannon Lily Saxby hates her name and her job. Her medical studies were cut short by a horrific car crash following a long shift at the hospital. Now she fills her days working at the Equipment Service for the Primary Care Trust. Her childhood was effectively ended when her mother was sectioned to Moorcastle Asylum, leaving her terrified of such institutions and delighted that the disused facility is being demolished.

As a medical student Rhiannon heard many stories about the abuse of patients in asylums and has long wondered if her own mother suffered while she was a patient but has never dared ask. Her world is further rocked when her manager hints that members of the Primary Care Trust may be taking the decision to end a patients life to ease their suffering.

The discovery of the body of a young woman keeps the media spotlight firmly fixed on the small town and on DI Tom Ashton. DCI Klavan, Tom’s boss, is also struck by similarities to another body found a year earlier in a neighbouring district, prompting speculation that a serial killer may be at work.

As the pressure on DI Tom Ashton to catch the serial killer increases it becomes clear that the Trust is at the heart of everything.

Can Rhiannon find evidence of patient abuse within the records of the Trust to support her suspicions and uncover the conspiracy?

Is there really a secret society operating within the Trust who are playing God with the lives of patients?

With the body count rising can Tom Ashton stop the serial killer before he strikes again?


“Jamie Sinclair has a gift for creating characters you feel involved with. Love or detest them, there’s a lot going on in their lives and you want to know more. I very much enjoyed reading this story”

I have read all of this author’s books and, although most of them have been outside my usual genre of choice, I have enjoyed them all. Now this book IS my usual read so I started it knowing that it had a bit to live up to to satisfy me.
And boy did it… Once again the characters came across so real that I reckon this author does more than his fair share of people watching! The background and description are kept to the right amount, enough to support the story but not too much that they take the reader’s attention away from it.
There are a few story-lines running through the book – multiple bodies unearthed, abuse in asylums, euthanasia and, if that wasn’t enough, the author throws in a serial killer too. All these stories are quite major and there could have been a danger that there was too much going on in the book but the author manages very successfully to keep it balanced and juggles the stories throughout to give completely satisfactory conclusions.
I am not sure if this is stand alone or if we will be seeing Rhiannon and Tom in future books, I for one would like that very much.”

“Didn’t put it down and read in a day. James Sinclair is amazing. Well done !!!!!!”

Excellent story from the start, more twists added as the book progressed. The author described great detail making you believe you were there with the characters”

A totally refreshing plot for a ‘whodunit’ with unusual characters. A huge insight how the old Victorian asylums were run.”


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